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Logic and Emotion Walk Into A Bar...

Date: November 21 2018

What's the last decision you made? What to wear this morning? What to eat for lunch? To read this blog? Chances are that you've made dozens of decisions today that didn't require a cost-benefit analysis. These emotionally-driven, sometimes subconscious, decisions play a key role in your marketing strategy. In a recent episode of the Little Bird Marketing podcast, Priscilla McKinney and Will Leach discuss consumer-based decision making and how it affects your business.

Will Leach

"I’m trying to bring science into design. I love this beautiful tension behind emotional marketing and behavioral science and it’s between the science and the design that you get this beautiful amalgamation of really impactful, really strong marketing.”

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Will is the founder of Trigger Point Design, a leading behavioral research and design consultancy. Trigger Point helps brands understand how to align their designs with the reality of how people actually make decisions - or, “match marketing toward behavior.”

Will is also the author of “Marketing to Mindstates,” a brilliant guide that demystifies these non-conscious filters and illustrates ways to create messages that activate emotional engagement.

“Emotion drives decision-making. We all know that. The problem - I think - is that people define emotion and how they’re going to get there in unscientific ways. They use intuition - their gut - ‘I used to work on this campaign before and it worked on this campaign - I’m going to bring that idea to you.’ You guys...we gotta realize that there is science behind emotional arousal. And what this book does is it defines those four sciences in clear terms and then says, ‘Okay, so if we’re going to create emotional marketing, let’s do it in a way that’s comprehensive and distinct to a particular mind-state that we believe will influence the market.’"

For more insights from Will and learn how to better incorporate consumer decision making into your marketing strategy, listen to "Priscilla and Will Leach Tackle Difficult Decisions."

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