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    Real Life Boss Lady: Podcast Interview about Switching Gender Roles, Business Success, Community, and Carving Out Your Own Life

    I met Danusia through a friend. Years ago, I was heading to London to keynote. I asked my most high-powered, professional women friends to introduce me to someone they think I should know in London. I promised I would take them to fancy drinks, or a great dinner, not sell them anything, but make a great connection. Suggestions poured in, which meant that I spent a week eating and drinking my way through London making life-long friends. Danusia and I clearly have been friends in another life – such was the immediate connection.

    Two bottles of champagne later at the Goring Hotel (where Kate Middleton got ready for her royal nuptials), I knew this lady would be in my life for years to come. We quickly talked like old friends about the “real real” and what it takes to succeed in our industries which are male-dominated and sometimes downright unfriendly to the sacrifices often asked of mothers.

    But what I find in her is not a victim, but a kindred spirit that kicks butt and takes names. She takes total responsibility for each action and reflects deeply about the life she has carved out for herself, her children and her career.

    As a marketing expert speaking frequently on digital transformation, social media excellence, audience engagement, online ad budgets and on and on, I am rarely asked about my story as a woman, a wife, a mother and a boss lady.

    People who are closer to my life sometimes ask into the unique partnership with my stay-at-home husband. Many times, I get the extremes which include a total pity from people who think my husband must be lazy, or others who would idealize him for caring for his children. They are HIS children - I’d like to point out. But somewhere in the middle is the beauty. Some are genuinely interested in the nuanced and ever-changing flow we have managed. We moved across country, built a house and a life with three kids that includes me now running four businesses (three at the time of this recording).

    In this pensive and introspective podcast interview, Danusia seems to get the best out of me and my philosophy about marriage, community, parenting and friendship. I hope you’ll enjoy this intimate view of my journey and as you listen I hope you will commit to never stop wishing the best for yourself. In the freedom that is our current situation, I hope you will see a clear path forward and seize it to create the life you have always wanted.

    Key takeaways from this episode include:

    • Priscilla’s keys to the shift of gender roles
    • The power of community
    • How Priscilla deals with carrying different responsibilities
    • The power of having a positive outlook

    “Switching roles doesn’t happen overnight.”
    Click here to listen to Switch with Priscilla McKinney from the School For Mothers Podcast.

    Switch with Priscilla McKinney

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