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    Shelly Bouren of the Detroit Pistons Offers Insight on Building a Persona

    When it comes to buyer personas, Research Manager for the NBA's Detroit Pistons, Shelly Bouren, is shootin' nothin' but net!

    In this recent episode of Ponderings from the Perch, Priscilla and Shelly have a slam dunk of a conversation, going in-depth on how to target your ideal market, the journey of building dynamic buyer personas, and the importance of audience segmentation.

    Shelly Bouren

    Using the list of questions that [Priscilla] provided was the magic touch. The persona just grew organically.

    Shelly leads research and insights for the Detroit Pistons, supporting data-driven decision making throughout the business organization. Working with ticket sales, corporate sponsorships, operations, marketing and entertainment, she is passionate about giving fans the best possible experience while maintaining a continuous focus on revenue.

    Shelly and Priscilla first met at GreenBook's IIeX NA event. The two connected after Shelly had listened to Ponderings from the Perch and then attended Priscilla's workshop on crafting the perfect persona. In the workshop, Priscilla discussed the importance of persona work and how it directly ties to finding and signing your ideal client - aka your unicorn. 

    Download the Perfect Persona Guide

    Feeling inspired, Shelly went back to her team and led a workshop on personas. Shelly wrote in and said...

    I had a pretty big win since I’ve been back that was influenced by your rainbow-unicorn magic, and I wanted to share it with you! When the NBA reached out to the Pistons marketing department to get some personas as pre-work for a workshop at the end of the month, they called me for input.

    Personas have been on my plate since I got here, but it was being driven by the data and analytics group, since I wasn't too connected with marketing. I entered into this project in conjunction with marketing, knowing it had an end-use. I had all the demographic and transactional data, but I struggled with making them a 'person.'

    Enter the Unicorn! Using the list of questions that you provided was the magic touch. The persona just grew organically out of the answers. I know this is not news to you, but it was so fun that I thought you might want to know.

    The Mega-Powerball-win: I have a commitment from marketing to work with me to build complete personas and customer journeys for several of our customer segments!

    Here at Little Bird, we love receiving praise just as much as the next business, but you know what really gets us fired up? Hearing about our strategy being put into action and getting Mega-Powerball-win-results. Thank you for the inspiring words, Shelly!

    The Unicorn

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